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Product Code : Fiber001
Brand Name : Basilink
Product Description

1. High specific strength and high specific modulus. The specific strength is more than ten times that of steel wires of the same cross-section, and the specific modulus is second only to special grade carbon fiber.

2. The fiber density is low, the density is 0.97-0.98g/cm3, which can float on the water surface.

3. Low elongation at break, large work at break, and strong ability to absorb energy, so it has outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.

4. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-neutron and gamma rays, high specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant and high electromagnetic wave transmittance.

5. Chemical resistance, wear resistance, and long flex life.

Physical properties:

Density: 0.97~0.98g/cm3. It has a lower density than water and can float on water.

Strength: 2.8~4N/tex.

Modulus: 91~140N/tex.

Extensibility: 3.5%~3.7%.

The impact absorption energy is nearly double that of para-aramid fiber, with good wear resistance and low friction coefficient, but the melting point is only 145-160℃ under stress.

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